Power Your Online Investment Advisory Business With Trizic

With Trizic’s unique technology platform, it’s never been easier to take your investment advisory business online. Trizic provides everything you need to offer your clients a convenient and intuitive web-based advisory service.

Build an advisory business without boundaries

Trizic’s powerful web-based solutions help ensure that your company isn’t limited in its ability to build, grow and retain its customer base.

  • Offer an innovative product

    Looking for new ways to engage today’s digital customer? Trizic helps you deliver the high-quality, easy-to-use online investment experience they’re looking for.

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  • Grow your business

    Need a cost-effective way to scale your investment business? Trizic lets you grow your business prudently and effortlessly with a compelling web-based service.

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  • Retain your customers

    Concerned about losing your clients to competing online investment services? Trizic helps you keep them.

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Integrated services that help build client relationships, credibility and profits

Trizic combines powerful investment management technology with easy-to-use analytical tools, and a beautifully designed user experience to provide you with the resources and control you need to effortlessly guide your customers - and your financial institution - toward greater success.

  • Portfolio Manager

    Trizic's SaaS-based investment advisory system features portfolio management technology - including portfolio construction, automated trade processing, and advanced rebalancing software - complemented by an intuitive user interface, and white-labeled to fit the needs of your company.

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  • Data Analytics

    Gain new insights and optimize your business performance by analyzing the way clients interact with your digital investment advisory product.

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  • Wealth Intel

    Get a holistic view of your clients to better understand their needs and plan accordingly - so you can target your marketing efforts for optimal results.

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